Practicing Yoga and Famous Musicians

By Genelle Millard Van Heuklon, co-owner Globally Sound Fair Trade

Yoga is an opportunity to experience your mind, body, spirit and famous musicians playing live. That’s right. You read it correctly. I’ll put it here in all capital letters – AN OPPORTUNITY TO EXPERIENCE FAMOUS MUSICIANS PLAYING LIVE!

I’m glad I have your attention. I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Genelle. I co-own Globally Sound Fair Trade with my mother, Germaine. We are known in Downtown Appleton primarily for our store where we make it easy for people in the Fox Cities to purchase ethically-made goods..

Our store is our lifestyle and we begin and end many of our days at Globally Sound with yoga. My sister, Reneé, and I guide the classes where we are dedicated to providing an atmosphere where each person can practice at his or her own pace and comfort level.

“I like practicing yoga at Globally Sound because it feels like family to me. A very laid back atmosphere,” yoga student, Pam Christianson said. “You get to know people and everyone knows everyone’s name. A very relaxing way to do yoga.”

Oh yes! Let’s not forget those famous musicians. For the third year in a row I’ve had the chance to practice yoga while various members of Rusted Root played live. Check out the video to enjoy a bit of the experience. Practice with us in our studio now and maybe next year you’ll join me practicing yoga with Rusted Root live at Inner Sun in Oshkosh!

For more information about yoga classes at Globally Sound, visit

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