Live At Lunch with the Million Dollar Quartet in City Center

Set down that sandwich and move away from your computer.
The cast of Million Dollar Quartet is live at lunch Tuesday, February 7 performing a free 20 minute set from their smash-hit Broadway show. Head to City Center Plaza in Downtown Appleton at 12:15 p.m. and enjoy music from Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis. You deserve a break and a chance to win 2 tickets to the show!
What’s Million Dollar Quartet about?
Well, it all began the night Sam Phillips booked a recording session for Carl Perkins on December 4, 1956. Perkins was there to try out some new tunes with the hopes of recreating the recipe for success he’d found earlier that year. Thinking that Perkins’ sound needed a slight update, Phillips had brought in one of his newest artists, the young pianist Jerry Lee Lewis.
While many of the details of the rest of the day’s events are still in dispute, this much is known: Perkins and Lewis were later joined by Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, and they held an impromptu jam session. It was a reunion for Cash, Perkins and Presley, who had toured the South together in 1955.
The recordings of the session – later released in a series of albums beginning in 1981 – show all of the men, particularly Presley, at ease with the music and generally just having a good time jamming.
Now the Million Dollar Quartet (as the session came to be called) is the subject of a hit Broadway show headed to the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center February 7-12. For details, visit or call the Center’s ticket office at (920) 730-3760.

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