Painting Vintage Wooden Carousel Horses at Studio 213

Studio 213 is just finishing up painting this wood Herschell Carousel Horse from 1920. Studio 213 is always looking for more to restore, it is great being able to bring these forgotten animals back to life.

See the 1920’s Herschell Carousel House at 213 E. College Ave.

Studio 213 and follow Studio 213 on Facebook too.

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There's so much to like about Downtown Appleton. Thanks to its 60+ distinctive shops ... 50+ casual, fine dining and ethnic restaurants... nearly 30 pubs, clubs and live music hot spots ... a leading performing arts center and world-class visual arts gallery ... family-friendly activities and attractions ... a variety of coffee shops and gathering places ... PLUS Northeast Wisconsin's best events, Downtown Appleton is a favorite destination for many -- and it just keeps getting better and better!

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