Jay Schumerth Wins 2012 Bernie Pearlman “Downtowner” Award

Presented to a person whose dedication and enthusiasm has had a significant positive impact on downtown and displays an overwhelming passion for its success. In honor of Bernie Pearlman a wholehearted downtowner.

This year’s winner has been a long-time advocate for Downtown Appleton

Jay Schumerth recalls the beginning of his 10 year involvement with ADI during the College Ave. reconstruction project.  Planning, being a block captain, helping develop alternate entries for guests and deliveries, and generally trying to keep downtown vibrant through the construction.

Next was helping develop and implement the ADI theme “It’s Showtime” with marketing materials and streetlamp banners to build momentum and capitalize on the excitement of the PAC opening.

Fast forward through countless meetings on downtown parking, marketing, smoking ban, planning meetings, board retreats, another rebranding to bring us – Downtown Cool, a website development and redevelopment – the list goes on and on

Then in 2009 and 2010 Jay served as President of ADI during the difficult economic downturn (and Jennifer’s pregnancy).  But even during this challenging time, Jay helped ADI secure needed sponsorships to ensure our events and programs continued. While we are grateful for all of his contributions to our organization we also applaud his long time dedication and service to Appleton’s only convention hotel. His leadership guides 300 employees in the operation of a facility that brings over 140,000 annual overnight visitors, and over 500,000 attendees of various functions to Downtown. Jay’s support for downtown development projects and initiatives is always matched with his willingness to give of his time and talents. Certainly his recent efforts to further the progress of the prospective Exhibition Center; which has the potential to increase visitor spending by $8.5 Million annually and create approximately 146 jobs, are also greatly appreciated and highly commendable.

This Year’s Bernie Pearlman Downtowner Award honors Mr. Jay Schumerth

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There's so much to like about Downtown Appleton. Thanks to its 60+ distinctive shops ... 50+ casual, fine dining and ethnic restaurants... nearly 30 pubs, clubs and live music hot spots ... a leading performing arts center and world-class visual arts gallery ... family-friendly activities and attractions ... a variety of coffee shops and gathering places ... PLUS Northeast Wisconsin's best events, Downtown Appleton is a favorite destination for many -- and it just keeps getting better and better!

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