Lunchtime Live with SLY JOE in Houdini Plaza July 26th

Earthy Soul witha Funky Stroll

Confucius said, “A craftsman, if he wishes to do good work, must first

sharpen his tools.” That being said, SLY JOE’s music is honed like an

acupuncture needle. It slips under your skin, stimulates your vitality, then

leaves you feeling good all over.

If you’ve seen ‘Parenthood’ or ‘Friday Night Lights’ on NBC, you may already be familiar with this feeling after hearing some of his songs there.

Sharpening his skills on the global stage for most of his life, Sly Joe has shared audiences with TRAIN, MAROON 5, BON JOVI, LADY ANTEBELLUM, JACKSON BROWNE, GILLIAN WELCH, EMMYLOU HARRIS, and JOHN PRINE in venues such as HARD ROCK CAFÉ-(Beijing), SUMMERFEST (Milwaukee), LAMBEAU FIELD-(Green Bay), WAMI AWARDS SHOW-(Milwaukee), LEACH AMPHITHEATER-(Oshkosh), and numerous festivals, clubs, and coffeeshops from coast to coast.

Diversity.  A Classically trained pianist, Joe grew up spinning around the living room like the Beatles and Michael Jackson albums his mom would spin on Sunday mornings.  Once teenaged, the guitar became his new friend and Van Halen lit the way through the back alleys of Led Zeppelin and Pearl Jam.

After those flannel-ly grunge years, Joe immersed himself in one of his greatest influences- Stevie Wonder.  All the while, writing more and more songs.

It was after a tragic car accident in high school left him hospitalized and took a friend’s life, that Joe began approaching songwriting more seriously and more sensitively, with a renewed priority to make the best of what we have today.

“Music is what feelings sound like, and I tend to write a lot about love and happiness,” says Joe. “When a song expresses these positive ideas, it attracts more of the same to anyone involved, whether they’re singing along or just listening.  I think it’s helpful to bring more joy into this world, and I do that with my songs.”

Those songs have earned him musical residencies in Thailand, San Francisco, and throughout the Fox Valley of Wisconsin. Hundreds of college and mainstream radio stations, independent films, and Podcasts across the globe have also found his music a perfect fit.

He’s even performed with the Blue Man Group and spent several years as Musical Director/Bandleader of the WAMI (Wisconsin’s “Grammy”) Awards show.

Join us for Lunchtime Live with Sly Joe in Houdini Plaza from 11:30 – 1pm, Thursday, July 26th

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