Tibetian Singing Bowls at Angels Forever / Windows of Light

Nice selection of Tibetian singing bowls in stock at Angels Forever / Windows of Light.

The bowl is a sound meditation device used in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. The bowl sings with a complex harmonic tone that draws the mind into a state of meditative mental focus. Ritually these bowls are used to start or end a meditation, to punctuate a prayer, and to call the beginning of a ceremony or ritual. These bowls are made of a comp

lex alloy of bronze (copper and tin), iron (to bring out the base tones), and zinc (to preserve the luster). Some are engraved around the rim with the Mantra “Ohm Mani Padme” which means “Jewel of the Lotus Flower” (a metaphor for enlightenment of the mind).

Singing bowls are also used for healing. In Hindu theology human spiritual awakening occurs in seven stages each related to a specific location in the spine called a chakra. When a chakra is opened up specific spiritual awareness and human potentials are realized. Each chakra has a specific vibrational tone where it is exercised to open up. The low tones work on base chakras and higher tones work on the upper chakras.

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