The Sought-after Mineral of Royalty

Beautiful amethyst at Mystical Earth Gallery

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Catherine the Great, Russian Empress, coveted it. Other Royals for over thousands of years claimed it as their stone. Surfacing time and time again among priests, clerics and the religious, this crystal has a rich history.

This beautiful, powerful, much sought after crystal is Amethyst. In the Christian Bible it is mentioned as one of the 12 stones embellishing the breast plate of the high priests of Yahweh. As in Catholicism it was deemed to represent piety and celibacy, it was an ornamental stone of the Bishop and generally worn as a ring. The Tibetans consider it sacred to the Buddha. And the Egyptians used it in their rituals.

On a more practical matter, from the Greeks myths into Renaissance times, it was
thought that to partake of wine from an amethyst cup would prevent intoxication. In some accounts amethyst was also ground up and mixed into the wine to…

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