Labradorite for spiritual blossoming

Explore Labradorite with Mystical Earth Gallery for spiritual blossoming.

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He walks in solitude, the cold penetrating every breath he takes. Protected by the knowledge of the ancestors and his spear, he walks in the snow and ice. He is compelled. He must free the Northern Lights from the captivity in the rocks that hold them prisoner. As he approaches the coastline where the Aurora Borealis is trapped, he proceeds with caution. Once upon the rocks, with one great thrust into the rocks he releases the lights from their captivity. A few still remain imprisoned.

This Eskimo legend tells the creation story of labradorite. It is said that those few lights that are still captive are the birth of labradorite, known to some as spectrolite, feldspar or black moonstone. Labradorite is a beautiful, mysterious crystal.

A flash of light or a slight movement turns this dark mineral into a shimmering, magical object. Generally opalescent blue, green, purple, copper and gold…

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