Miativity Room Summer Visual Art Camps

Miativity RoomSummer Visual ArtCamps

671aa27d-88db-473a-89e5-6ad67e31bf5aEvery Tuesday 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM 

June 10th to August 26th

Ages 6 and up

$30 per child; includes lesson, all materials, and a snack

Limit 12



1. Make a Cave Painting – Tuesday, June 10th

Art was a popular form of expression even before there was written word.  What did prehistoric people paint pictures of?  Let’s find out and then use charcoal, chalk, and berries to create our own original cave painting on a terracotta tile!

2. Paint an Imaginary Creature – Tuesday, June 17th

Artists created mythological creatures from their imaginations, combining the features of several animals.  Paint your own mythical creature on canvas.  Will your beast be friendly or dangerous? Will it have special powers?  Try it and find out!

3. Watercolor Postcards – Tuesday, June 24th

Use your imagination to travel to a new destination in the world (or even a place you have been to already) and paint a watercolor picture postcard of your favorite spot there.  Then, write a letter to your family or friends telling of your adventures there!  Where will you go?

4. Decorate a Rock – Tuesday, July 1st

Everyone gets a rock to decorate and make their own.  Paint the rock using stencils or freehand with acrylic paints.  Then, take it home as a nifty paperweight or decoration.

5. Portrait Collage Workshop – Tuesday, July 8th

Bring in a picture of a favorite person (or choose one from a collection of extras here at the studio).  Many artists used collage to create portraits of themselves and others.  Let’s look at a few examples.  Then, tear up tiny pieces of colored paper and create a portrait collage of the person you’ve chosen.

6. A Study of Georgia O’Keefe – Tuesday, July 15th

Georgia O’Keefe painted things she saw in her immediate outside environment, like flowers and leaves, and landscapes….even animal skulls!

Paint like Georgia O’Keefe “en plein air” (which means outdoors).  Let’s take a walk to City Park, choose a subject in nature, and then paint it using a “bug’s eye” view!  What does that mean? Come find out!!

7. Paint a Town – Tuesday, July 22nd

Artist Paul Klee said that  “a drawing is simply a line going for a walk.”  He let lines grow into shapes and then moved on to colors and shades.  Let’s paint an imaginary town, or one from your memory, using only geometric shapes and acrylic paint on canvas.  Skyscrapers, houses, factories…What’s in your town!?8. Mask Making Workshop – Tuesday, July 29th

Let’s find out about cultures that use masks in rituals and celebrations and the significance of these masks and what purpose they serve.  Then, let’s make our very own masks using a variety of simple and found materials from scratch.

9. Paint to Music – Tuesday, August 5th

Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky was a musician as well as an artist.  Let’s create a painting on canvas using these two modes of art as we paint to various rhythms and melodies of music. See what you come up with as you allow the music to lead you!

10. The Hungry Artist – Tuesday, August 12th

Let’s paint like artist Wayne Thiebaud.  He used still life subjects to explore various elements of painting such as color, line, texture and light.  We will have a beautiful center piece arrangement of chocolates, goodies, and petit fours.  We will paint a picture of this centerpiece using acrylic paint on canvas, learning color mixing and texturing techniques as we go.  Then, we will get to eat some of those delicious goodies at the end!

11. Emblematic Portrait – Tuesday, August 19th

Use words and symbols to describe your personality and/or interests.  What characteristics make you unique?  Each student will be given a wooden board upon which to paint his/her own emblematic portrait for display at home!

12. Mock a Masterpiece – Tuesday, August 26th

There are so many beautiful works of art and talented artists in the world, both past and present. Let’s look at some of these and the stories behind their creation; then take plenty of time to imitate a favorite (acrylic paint and canvas, watercolor paint…you choose) and bring it home!



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