Experiencing Anthony’s Concessions at the Midweek Farm Market

At the Wednesday afternoon Farmer’s Market, I stopped by Anthony’s Concessions (food truck) to sample some… amazingness!  The menu is not overly huge (maybe 10-15 items?), but it was hard to decide what to try first.  The menu is Puerto Rican/Greek/Italian/Chicago style with a healthy dose of State Fair thrown in.  Basically, a little bit of everything and it all sounds good.image1 copy   I talked with Anthony and he said the best seller is the Sundried Tomato, Spinach, Basil, Garlic, Feta & Mozzarella baked roll.  Well, okay, I’ll start there.  Uhhhh… yum!  See the crunchy golden garlic on the top there.  Mmmmmm…

 image2 copy

Next came the fresh made potato chip.  Notice I said chip.  It is a whole potato sliced into one huge spiral potato chip.  See the picture.  It was as good as it looks.  Where have you been all my life Anthony?  Apparently, right under my nose!  He’s at the Farmer’s Market every Saturday, Wednesday and at the Thursday night concerts in Houdini Plaza in the white trailer/food truck.


What else you got Anthony?  Oh, a Cuban Sandwich with a side of deep fried pickles….  Yes, and yes!


Again, see the pictures.  Yeah, they were as good as they looked too.  What a great food truck!  And to top it all off, Anthony is a great guy.  If you’re looking for a fruit and yogurt smoothie, just keep on walking.  Everyone else, trust me, stop by and give Anthony’s a try.

Review by Chris Dearing

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