World Relief Fox Valley Hosts an Open House at Its New Appleton Office

World Relief Fox Valley (WRFV), a national refugee resettlement agency, is relocating its Appleton office as of September 1, 2015. On Monday, October 19, 2015, from 4p-6p, WRFV will host an Open House that is free and open to the public in its new office at 217 E Pacific Street, in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 1.06.48 PMWRFV has been resettling refugees in the area since 2012. It has two offices—one in Oshkosh and one in Appleton. The Appleton office was previously located within the Hmong American Partnership at 2198 S. Memorial Drive in Appleton. Now in its own space, the new office is closer to downtown Appleton and the Valley Transit Central Station. The agency hopes that this will help to increase its visibility and will result in more partnerships in the area.

“Our ability to serve our Refugee clients and get them on a faster track to self-sufficiency, relies heavily upon successful partnerships, community engagement and volunteerism, says WRFV Office Director, Tami McLaughlin. “Our new location gives us more visibility in the community and increases our opportunity for improved engagement.”

Over the past three years, World Relief has resettled approximately 300 Refugee clients now living, working and being educated in both the Appleton and Oshkosh communities. The Appleton clients are from Cuba, Afghanistan and the Congo.

The Open House is open to businesses, churches and to World Relief clients, in the area and the general public.

“This grand opening is a great way for community stakeholders to meet our talented staff and to engage our local Refugee clients,” says McLaughlin. The move helps to anchor us in the community, and to raise awareness about the value our agency adds to the community at large.

For more information, please call 920-231-3600, visit the WRFV Facebook Page or visit the World Relief website at

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